Why select a Flare Heat Pump for your pool?

We use only the highest quality components. The compressor is fabricated by Samsung. Over fifteen years of research and development have gone into these titanium heat pumps.

The heat pumps have an incredible efficiency rating of 5.2. This means that for every kilowatt used by the fan engine an amazing 5.2 kilowatts of heat is created. Not only that but they are also very quiet running, perfect to enhance a peaceful day by the pool. The running sound is only 46 decibels.
A major component in any heat pump is the condenser. This has to withstand the passing of thousands of litres of pool water, to withstand this the condenser is made of titanium.
Every Flare pool heater has a two year heat exchanger guarantee plus a two year no quibble labour and parts warranty on the whole unit.

What makes a Flare Heat Pump work?

The incredible efficiency of a swimming pool heat pump comes from how the device uses free heat from the surrounding air. In effect it works in a similar way to a fridge but in reverse. Warm outside air is directed across the surface of the evaporator. Inside the evaporator is a highly evaporative gas the collects heat, this liquid gas then turn into a gas and gets even warmer. The gas then goes through a condenser and the hot gas passes its heat into the pool water via a circulation coil.

Then the whole process happens again. To keep it all running at its optimum sensors and microprocessors controls the heat pump and no user monitoring is necessary.

The main ingredients that go into making a Flare Heat Pump work so well are the low noise compressor, oversized heat exchanger and titanium construction.

Will using my pool more of the year help me health wise?

Without doubt regularly swimming will my you healthier. Swimming is an ideal low impact form of exercise. A heated pool enables greater use in a more comfortable environment. Sudden cold water can cool muscles heightening the chances of ligament and muscle damage when exercise begins.
Warmer water pools has even greater benefits for elderly reducing chances of shocks and traumas.