What model Flare Heat Pump
will best heat your pool?

Many factors will go into the decision
of what heat pump you need.

Take a look at the guidance information below

Before making a final decision on which Flare Heat Pumps is the correct one for you make sure to get in touch with one of our in house experts. If you chose a model that is too small for your needs the pool will not reach the temperature you want. Selecting one too big and you will give your system more electrical use than necessary.


Pumps are rated by kilowatt or BTU output. 3412 BTU’s equals 1 kilowatt.
An rough estimate of your pool’s needs is that for every 3.5 meter cube of water in your pool you will need 1 kilowatt of output in the heat pump. To a pool that holds 35 square meters of water will need a pump with a 10 kilowatt of output. This is to bring the pool to a temperature of around 27 degrees.


Calculating your pools needs.


Multiply average depth x average width x average length.

So a pool 4 x 8 meters with average depth of 1.3 meters has a calculation of
4 x 8 x 1.3 = 41.6 cubic meters of water.

To arrive at kilowatts of power needed for your heat pump you divide the 41.6 by 3.5 = 11.8

So you will need a Flare Heat Pump with a power output of 11.8 kilowatts or 40.260 BTU’s.

Other considerations :-


Is there a good electrical supply to the location of the heat pump by the pool?


Is your swimming outdoor or indoor?


Do you keep it covered?


What temperature do you want to heat your water too?


Please note:

Solar heating systems will not reduce cost of heat pump system


Solar systems to not help in colder times of year


A diverter valve should be installed when two heating systems are used.