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Flare heat pumps are the quietest and most efficient on the market.

Flare heat pumps exemplify the very latest technologies and materials to extract free heat from the air and transfer this into your swimming pool.

Worries about huge electricity bills will be a thing of the past.

Heat pumps absorb heat from the surrounding air then, via a durable titanium transference system, that same heat goes into your swimming pool making it warm all year round.

Flare heat pumps are built with efficiency and long lasting durability in mind, using the very best materials.

There are many benefits of having a usable swimming pool twelve months are the year. All the family can use it. The positive benefits and swimming can be taken advantage more often. The elderly will not risk and negative effects from cold water.

How Heat Pumps work:
A pool heat pump uses minimal electricity to drive a pump. They do not use electricity to directly heat your pool. In basic terms they work like a fridge but in reverse.
As your pool pump works it drives cool pool water through the heat pump. The heat pumps has a fan that draws air through the system. The air then travels across the outer evaporator coil. A refrigerant liquid absorbs this heat, the liquid turns to a hot gas via a compressor. This hot gas heats the water using a heat exchanger.
The water, on each pass, heats around three to four degrees centigrade.
The gas cools and the cycle goes on heating the water very economically.

Flare heat pumps longevity:
To bring you the very best value for money and longevity of use the heat pumps are designed with special characteristics.
Harsh chemicals in swimming pool water can be corrosive and normal copper materials can fail quickly. The titanium used in Flare Heat Pumps is highly resistant to pool water even when the chemicals become unbalanced. They are amongst the very most efficient on the market giving lowest costs and highest heat outputs. The pumps give constant temperature display and are quick and easy to adjust.

What pump size do you need?
Different sized pools will need different sized pumps. Other factors effecting your choice of pump will be where the pool is located and what temperature and usage you need. Have a look out our heat pump technical page for some answers or contact us directly.

Why chose a Flare Heat Pump?
For a better idea on the efficiency and operating sounds of these quiet pumps take a look at our frequently asked questions page here.

Further questions
If you have any questions or wish to come in and see the pumps please get in touch directly
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We look forward to hearing from you.

Our heat pumps:-

• Resistant to corrosion
• Resistant to  all chemical imbalances
• Very efficient design
• Temperature can be adjusted quickly and easily
• Water temperature display
• Titanium parts very long lasting